Learn About Our Cattery and Breeding Program

Joanne Alberry is the owner of Legacy Maine Coons. I am pleased to welcome you to my cattery as I absolutely love what I do and I am registered with TICA (The International Cat Association). I strive to breed healthy kittens in a loving and safe environment and prepare them for their new homes.

I have put a lot of effort and hours into researching the different types of bloodlines of Maine Coons for my breeding program. I am very excited to move forward with my kings and queens that come from championship bloodlines from Hungary, Italy, and Russia. I am also excited to have a polydactyl from Italy added to the breeding program.

I take great pride in my Maine Coons and I carefully choose and control every mating. In doing so, I am able to successfully breed beautiful Maine Coons with striking appearances and achieve beautiful colors.

My cats are my pets, they are not caged and they roam about freely. Additionally, my pregnant coons have a personal space in the nursery, with around-the-clock supervision, where she will give birth to her kittens in comfort.

One of my primary goals is to have your kitten loving and wanting to be around their new people. The process of socializing the kittens starts around three weeks old when I make sure I play with them a few times throughout the day. They will remain in the nursery until four or five weeks old when they are able to adventure out to a confined play area.

When they are about eight weeks old, the confined area is opened up and they begin to venture downstairs and play with the other cats. They love the play areas with tubes, toys, balls, automatic laser lights, trees, and even a little teepee to play in.

By the time your kitten comes home to you, they will be socialized, box trained, and immunized. Maine Coons are a good choice for a feline companion; as they are known as gentle giants due to their affectionate, playful, trainable, and laid-back nature. You would never regret bringing one into your home.